Surprising Scholarship Facts You Should Know


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Diploma with money

Posted by Na’Tasha Jones/University Communications

Earlier this year, Howard University partnered with, a money management website created by the non-proft organization American Student Assistance, which aims to educate young people about their finances and options for taking charge of their money before, during and after college.

The infographic below from SALT provides ten little-known facts about scholarships in America today. The most mind-blowing of all? In the United States $100 MILLION in scholarship dollars goes unawarded each year. Certainly, there are many Howard students who could have benefitted from some of that potential tuition assistance.


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With government loan requirements changing, making it more and more difficult for students to receive federal Pell grants and other financial aid, and the current state of unemployment and the economy causing a significant reduction in family contributions, scholarships are an excellent avenue to find the money that you and your family need to fund a college education.

Last semester alone, Howard’s Bridging the Gap Student Aid Campaign was able to match a $300,000 appropriation of HUSA grants. As a result, approximately 400 students received over $600,000 in need-based financial aid for the Spring 2013 semester.  This amount was more than double the amount of students who benefited from the HUSA grants during the prior academic year, and these funds were able to make the difference for some students who may not otherwise have been able to graduate.

Although the academic year is already under way, it is not too late to begin your search for scholarships. What are you waiting for? Contact the Howard University Office of Financial Aid today to determine the scholarships for which you qualify and apply now!

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Join Howard for Our 146th Opening Convocation [video]


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Howard University Opening Convocation, 2010

This Friday marks the 146th celebration of our annual Opening Convocation at Howard University.

As many of you already know, the importance of the Opening Convocation at Howard is that it calls the Howard community to come together to mark the start of a new academic year. Besides welcoming new students and welcoming back faculty, staff and alumni, this observance is also one of the first opportunities Howard will have this year to recognize its most recent achievements.

The convocation orator for tomorrow’s ceremony will be Howard University alumnus and Prince George’s County Executive Rushern L. Baker, III. As County Executive, Mr. Baker (J.D. ‘86) has worked with Maryland state and regional leaders to initiate positive changes in areas such as health care, education and public safety within the communities he serves. It is an honor to have him as our 2013 Opening Convocation keynote speaker.

Again, I invite all to join us at Howard for this important occasion tomorrow, Friday, September 27, at 11 a.m. in Cramton Auditorium.

I hope to see you there!

Special note: Since it is “Throwback Thursday” (as the young people like to call it), please enjoy a blast from the past with a video of me speaking at my very first Opening Convocation at Howard in 2008. It is amazing to see how far we have come as a University and the many things we have accomplished in just a few short years. View the video below. Continue reading

Leading the Lady Bison


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CoachAdams_20130717_NJones (1 of 1)

New Howard University Women’s Basketball head coach Tenille Adams discusses having a love for basketball in her genetics and why being a coach is about more than calling plays on the court.
Post and photo by Na’Tasha Jones/University Communications

Tenille Adams spent most of her summer on the road looking for talent; talent that is to be put to use on the Howard University Women’s Basketball team. As the new head coach for the 2013-14 season, and with over nine years of coaching and recruiting experience, Coach Adams knows what she’s looking for.

“I saw some good prospects out on my recent recruiting trips,” said Adams in July. “Now it’s all about attracting these great prospects to join the team at Howard.”

On the heels of a winning record last season, Adams wants the Lady Bison to “play hard and come to the game prepared and consistent.” Part of being able to do that is understanding what style of play is needed. Having played and coached in multiple conferences, most recently in the Big 10 while at Northwestern, Adams knows the difference.

MEAC is a transition conference, more guard-oriented, a league with a more up-tempo style of play. The MEAC is also a defense-oriented league with a more full-court, in-your-face, pressure-the-ball style of play. I am excited to be back in this division.”

Coach Adams also knows that the bar has been set for the Lady Bison and plans to work hard to meet and exceed those expectations. “Coach [Niki] did a great job rebuilding the brand for Howard Women’s Basketball,” said Adams of previous team coach Niki Reid Geckeler. “There is now a lot of respect for H.U. women’s basketball.”

A self-described cheerleader and motivator, Adams plans to use her enthusiastic brand of coaching to help the Lady Bison go even further this season. Her new role as head coach of Howard University Women’s Basketball won’t change her personal brand of leadership.

“I’m used to this style of coaching,” says Adams, “I’m a big talker on the floor, I’m never too quiet out there.”

Growing up in Indiana, basketball was a big part of Adams’ life. With all of her male cousins playing basketball and a father that played in an intermural league at the factor at which he worked, Adams caught on to the basics of basketball as early as five years old. Eventually, she had no trouble as a girl getting picked up on a team for a game of pickup.

“I was always in the park and at the boys and girls club,” she said. “I played all the time.”

Adams later went on to play in middle school, high school and college, becoming a top-ranked post player for the University of Arkansas.

Upon graduating, Adams tried to put her English major to work by teaching. When that didn’t work out, she went on to become a sales manager at a hotel. “I was sitting and reflecting one day,” said Adams, “and I realized that I had a lot to give back. Sometimes you get off your destined path, but I knew that I wanted to share my experiences with other young women—both in basketball and in life.”

Being an experienced collegiate basketball player gives Adams what she feels is an advantage as a coach. “Of course there are many great coaches who never played. Their understanding from an X and O standpoint can be excellent,” she says. “However, from a psyche standpoint, having played, you understand what motivates a player, why they might be in a funk and how to best get them out of it. You also have a good understanding of player roles, such as a star player vs. a bench player and how they are both crucial to your team.”

Adams believes that being a woman gives her a coaching advantage with her team as well. She says,

“Being able to relate to your players is an asset, especially in a male-dominated field. Coaching is intense, time-consuming. Often women in my field don’t continue on because they want to dedicate time to families and children. Unfortunately, there is usually a choice that has to be made, but the choice to coach can be just as rewarding.”

Read more about Coach Adams and the Lady Bison this season on Howard’s new athletics website.

HBCUs Come Together for “The Long Walk: A Candle in the Dark”


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2013_NFC_Game (53 of 54)

Post and photos by Na’Tasha Jones/University Communications

Last week, the 3rd Annual AT&T Nation’s Football Classic was once again “More Than a Game.” Students and guests from both Howard University and Morehouse College demonstrated what it means to be leaders in not only the HBCU community but the international community as well.

On Thursday at the Presidential Symposium as well as on Friday at the Student Debate, representatives from Howard University and Morehouse College discussed the issues that are affecting our nation today in the areas of education, community, civil rights, and the importance of HBCUs and their culture.

Then on Saturday, after fun and fellowship for students, alumni, faculty, staff and guests at the Pepsi Fan Festival, it was especially exciting to witness the Howard Bison win the big game at the AT&T Nation’s Football Classic over the Morehouse Maroon Tigers for the third time in a row, with a score of 27-16.

View photo highlights from the exciting week of events below:  Continue reading


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